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How to do contouring and highlighting makeup step by step for beginners?

Many girls want to know the tips for contouring and highlighting. This week, we will teach you how to shape any face shape, which will go well with last week’s lesson on using a highlighter. Blending, contouring and highlighting will give you the most natural look. When choosing contour shades, try using a bronzer, foundation, or concealer darker than your skin tone. It should be matte products because they absorb more light and create eyeshadows makeup, rather than low-gloss products that reflect light like highlighter makeup ideas. Remember that warm skin tones look best in products with yellow undertones and cool skin tones in products with pink undertones for the most natural makeup look. The following are the jane Iredale products we use to outline the outline.


40 Natural Nude Makeup Looks for The Refreshing Summer

Natural Nude makeup has different meanings to different people. My opinion is that nude makeup is inspired by the natural colors of the skin, eyelids, and lips. This is very different from the brown matte lipstick that Kardashian is often labeled as “naked makeup.” Nude makeup is not beige, and nude makeup shouldn’t let you out. The magic of nude makeup is that once you master this makeup, it becomes effortless. It can make you look more natural. Although the name of nude makeup may mean nude face, the nude makeup trend that quickly became popular on Instagram is dominated by neutral makeup (think: beige, tan, and light brown series, sometimes with peach), used for face, eyes, and lips. Suitable for all skin tones, nude makeup is different from no makeup. It contains multiple different finishes in the same neutral family to add dimension to your face. It is not necessary to only paint single-color makeup, but you can mix and match nude lip makeup and bold eye makeup or nude eye makeup and bold lip makeup. The idea is not to make you look like you are wearing nothing but to make you nude. If your skin tone is lighter, you can choose light beige; if your skin tone is darker, you can choose bronze and brown. The key is to find a color family that matches your skin.